13 June 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAustin says more duckings are starting to hatch.  Right now we have two pens of young ducklings, in one pen is a hybrid who is twice as big as his brothers.

I saw some kind of sea bird in a leafless tree about 8 km up the valley road.  Wouldn’t have seen it if I wasn’t looking at the tree wondering why it had no leaves.  If I knew the names of sea birds, I could tell you what it was.

Ants are digging deep trails across bare sandy soil on our property, I don’t remember seeing that before.  I wonder what is up.

On the trail – back way to my house – I saw a bunch of half-eaten ripe guavas.  I wondered why my neighbor was only eating half of them, and then figured out it must be birds.  Duh!

Sensitive plant is in bloom.  I HATE that plant and it has sprung up all over in spite of all my ripping out of so many plants for so many years.   Austin says the honeybees like it, and a local lady makes incontinence medicine out of it, so I guess it is not ALL bad – but I wish it were gone off our land.

In the same vein, there is a stupid spathodia tree blooming not 200 yards from the border of our land.  That tree is not going to invade our property – I will blow it up first.

There is some kind of delicious looking little yellow melon growing on the path, but it must not be edible, because no one has brought any home to cook.

I just realized – we don’t have any toads on our porch!  Austin has spent so much time being the Toad Slayer – and it is really paying off.  Surprise!   (we live on  this porch – our kitchen is out here and our living room too)


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